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Everlane Card Case now $40

Some of you may remember that I bought this card case from Everlane a few months ago, and was quite a fan (you can read the review here). I was just surfing their site the other day because I’d been contacted about their new shirt shop, and saw that the wallet has been reduced $5 from the original release price of $45, which is what I paid. At first I thought they’d perhaps moved production of the wallet from Spain to China, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

I was already quite impressed by the quality of the wallet (nice full grain leather, made in Spain, cool angled pockets, and a very slim profile) at $45, and was further impressed to see that they’d decided to drop the price a further $5, down to $40.

At that price, this is one of the best deals I’ve seen for a nice solid quality leather card case wallet. Though I carry my Chester Mox wallet on most days, whenever I wear a suit and need something that takes up very little space, this gets slipped into my interior chest pocket. It fits your license, a credit card or two, and a few folded bills perfectly. For a day/night out, there’s not much more you need than that (except maybe bills of a higher denomination than that shown here). 

Everlane has added a few more colors of this wallet since I bought mine (the one in the pictures above is the Burgundy), including a nice dark brown (Espresso) and a sky blue (Lake).

Everlane is a site which requires membership to make a purchase, so if you’re not already a member please feel free to use my invite link: here.


Fashion fonts.

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Tomorrow, suede.


Tomorrow, suede.

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